Monica Cecilia Svoboda

I like things different, You like things different, because each of us is UNIQUE : be as YOU are !

 Welcome to my homepage! I´m glad to meet you!


The Nature wished me to have an artist´s soul. The schools I absolved didn´t do anything for it.

I learned and made my experience. I like the mixture of techniques and materials for special effects.

 I love the life in all its forms. I like also all the colours. I make this art in the drops of a spring rain and I play in the magic light of the sommer sun, feeling the breeze of the autumn wind and looking with wide open eyes the puffy snow... and listening jazz-music...

 I work full of joy, admiring the beautiful things around me: the colours of nature, the breeze of the rising sun in the morning, the life,.... the universe !

 I wish that the good feelings, the joy and the optimism reflect on my art and on its users.

 For that, I invite you to visit the pages of my blog and my shop MCS Art & Jewelry Design.

 If you want certain accesories in certain colours or stiles, to shape to certain clothes, please contact me...

 If you need a personalized gift for your beloved, in order to obtain a smile or the reconnaisance of your good taste, let me know your ideas. Together we´ll try to awake this ideas to life.

 Thank you for visitig my internet presence. I´ll wait for you every time with joy in my studio, where it is much to relate, relaxing at the exotic smell of a good coffee or the gentle taste of tea,completed with good house-made cookies.

 I wish you a wonderful day.



 From the magic colors of the nature full of positive energies I create with passion and endless joy my unique products. It would be a great joyness for me if I could transmit this feelings to the users.